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Are laying awake at night thinking?

  • PCOS sucks, I need to lose weight, boost fertility and get pregnant!

  • We've been trying to get pregnant with months with only failed attempts. Is there something wrong with me?

  • I want to do everything I can to be healthy before I get pregnant but where do I start?

  • I didn’t do it right the first pregnancy. For my second, I want to go all in and cuts down on morning sickness, weight gain, and fatigue.

  • I want to get off the Pill, detox, balance my hormones and get healthy before I get pregnant!

  • I’ve been doing IVF and IUI and they said I need to lose weight in order to improve my chances of conception.


This Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Plan is going to get you into “baby-bearing Shape”!

Don't think of it in terms of just weight. 

Your goal should be to be as healthy from the inside out as possible before getting pregnant. This may include losing some weight or gaining weight, but it may also include getting stronger, increasing your endurance and eating healthier. Pregnancy is difficult enough; anything you can do to be stronger for it will only help you during pregnancy and beyond. (Car seats are HEAVY ladies!)

Moderate exercise before pregnancy is associated with many positive outcomes for mom and baby, including boosted fertility, less pain while pregnant and lower weight gains during pregnancy. And women whose weight is in a healthy range before pregnancy help lower the risk of serious complications for their babies, such as neural-tube and heart defects.

Setting a workout routine before you get pregnant makes it easier to stay moving as your belly starts to grow!

Having a healthy exercise & nutrition routine before pregnancy may help:

  • Boost Fertility and get pregnant fast!

  • Improve PCOS symptoms and regulate ovulation

  • Decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy

  • Avoid potential complications during labor and delivery associated with being overweight

  • Decrease pain during pregnancy

  • Reduce the chance to excessive weight gain during pregnancy

  • Help you bounce back faster after your baby is born

You are in the right place!

This is the PLan for you!

It can be done at home or at the gym and round 30 minutes a day! Giving you plenty of time to do the activities you LOVE and get you ready for pregnancy! Are you in?


Success Stories

Nicole S.    “I’ve seen a complete change in my body. My stomach, abs, arms, legs, and butt are toned and stronger. I didn’t think it would be possible to get these results with just 4 days of workouts a week.”   Lost 26 inches

Nicole S.

“I’ve seen a complete change in my body. My stomach, abs, arms, legs, and butt are toned and stronger. I didn’t think it would be possible to get these results with just 4 days of workouts a week.”

Lost 26 inches

Sarah P.    “My arms are chiseled and firm. My abs look leaner and a 2- to 4-pack is now appearing!”   Lost 25 inches

Sarah P.

“My arms are chiseled and firm. My abs look leaner and a 2- to 4-pack is now appearing!”

Lost 25 inches

Patricia T.    "My waist is smaller, my butt is lifted, I never thought my legs and upper body would have so much progress without weights.”   Lost 7.9 LBS. of body fat

Patricia T.

"My waist is smaller, my butt is lifted, I never thought my legs and upper body would have so much progress without weights.”

Lost 7.9 LBS. of body fat

Laura C.    “I feel like I finally created the body I’ve been dreaming about. I’ve always wanted lean and toned legs, arms, and abs, and no matter what workout I did, I could never accomplish that until LIIFT4.”   Lost 10 LBS. of body fat

Laura C.

“I feel like I finally created the body I’ve been dreaming about. I’ve always wanted lean and toned legs, arms, and abs, and no matter what workout I did, I could never accomplish that until LIIFT4.”

Lost 10 LBS. of body fat


Fit for Fertility lab is perfect for you if…

✓ You want to get in shape and healthy naturally before you get pregnant.

✓ Get off the pill, detox, balance your hormones and get pregnant.

✓ Struggling with PCOS, infertility or wonky periods and want to finally take care or YOU!.

✓ You want a community to help keep you on track because you can’t count on your hubby to be your support group.

✓ You have 20-40 minutes a day to devote to YOU. For real, that’s all it takes. Less than a blow dry.  


what you get:

fit 1.jpg
fit 2.jpg


1 year access to over 1000+ workouts. These workouts are approximately 20-60 minutes long (depending on what program we decide is right for you), are suitable for every fitness level and can be done at home, the gym or on the road. We will pick the perfect program for you and your body.



If you want to maximize your health & get pregnant, you need to eat right. We can’t prepare for pregnancy without nourishing out bodies with proper nutrients. The Nutrition Guide is tailored to your goals to help you get into shape, boost your fertility and ultimately get pregnant. You’ll find food lists, delicious recipes, and ways to integrate your daily supplements for the nutritional foundation you need to truly succeed. Growing a baby is a big job, it’s important to keep your body fuelled with wholesome, filling, and tasty food throughout the next 3 months.

fit 3.jpg
fit 4.jpg


You will have access to a private online community where all of my clients track their workouts daily + help to keep each other accountable. You will have access to this VIP accountability group not just through this 12 week challenge, but for an entire year.

Fit pregnancy plan TRACKING GUIDE

We can’t change what we don’t track, which is why I've created my downloadable Fit for Fertility Tracking Guide. This is a client exclusive tool that will be extremely helpful in your pregnancy journey! We will be using a combination of weight, body measurements, habit tracking, period tracking and progress pictures to make sure you’re getting where you want to go in your journey!


Bonus Content

+ VIP Community Fit Pregnancy Club App - where you can connect & get support with other women who are preparing for pregnancy too.

+ Monthly Check-ins with Katie Musicco - access to your coach and a monthly check in to make sure you are on track with your progress.


Bonus content is added to help deepen concepts & support your results

Bonus #1 Preparing for Pregnancy Plan: Jump start your fertility & balance your hormones with these amazing tips that will make your help you get in shape and get pregnant.

Bonus #2 De-stress Cheat Sheet:  My favorite ways to say good bye to stresss and bring some calm into your life

Bonus #3 Weekly Meal Plan Sample: My exact meal plan to help guide you to take the guesswork out of what yours can look like.



You’ve got an ironclad 30-day guarantee that wipes ALL risk off this decision like a Bounty Quicker Picker-Upper. So if you *
do the work* and get nada out of this proven system in the first 30 days, you get your money back. 

Preconception Program



The Preconception Program is designed to optimize the health of individuals who are ready to start a family. This program is for anyone:

  • Thinking about becoming pregnant in the next few months

  • Currently trying to conceive

  • Struggling on their fertility journey

Why invest in preconception care? A healthy preconception diet increases the chances of pregnancy up to 65% in couple undergoing IVF.

Conditions that would benefit from a Holistic Preconception Program:  

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Advanced maternal age

  • Recurrent pregnancy loss

  • Unexplained infertility or secondary infertility

  • Poor sperm concentration/quality

When Do I Need to Start?

Ideally, the preconception program begins three months prior to conception.

Why three months? It takes approximately 100 days for both an egg and sperm to both fully mature. Using this time to reduce oxidative stress and improve egg and sperm quality is key to fertility success. As infertility rates continue to rise in Canada, the importance of addressing: nutritional status, toxin exposure, egg/sperm quality and immune support cannot be overlooked. 

My treatment approach focuses on personalized nutrition, environmental detoxification, tailored acupuncture treatments, and evidence-based supplements. I always recommend both partners, or anyone involved in the process, be part of the treatment plan. Ready to get a head start?


What does the program look like?


First Visit (90 minutes)

Our first appointment focuses on a full patient history and intake, getting to know you and your fertility goals. This will be our longest appointment together where we will: review recent blood work, perform relevant physical exams, and order additional blood work and lab testing if necessary. Together we will set treatment expectations and outcomes for future visits. A personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement program will be prescribed. Stress reduction techniques and support tools will be provided based on individual needs. You might also be sent home with a diet dietary and healthy home checklist to further evaluate the health of your daily environment. If time in person, acupuncture will be performed.


Second Appointment (45 minutes)

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment we check in on diet and lifestyle changes. If additional blood work was needed, we will review results at this time. I will address any concerns or questions you have at this time and perform acupuncture if necessary.

During our second appointment together, we will do a 360 review of your household and search room by search for sources of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Treatment may include replacing household cleaners and beautify products with safer, more natural options, and making better food choices at the grocery store. I believe in empowering patients to create a healthy and safe environment in the home. 


3 Appointment (45 minutes)

At this follow-up appointment, I will review all prescribed supplements and make adjustments or refill prescriptions if necessary. Acupuncture will be performed and we will evaluate if changes need to be made to your diet and lifestyle plan. Additional recipes will provided to ensure a healthy and balanced diet is manageable.

Ongoing Care

Ongoing care will focus on weekly acupuncture treatments, encouraging the consumption of nutrient-dense foods and techniques to keep stress and inflammation under control.


Success Stories


“I lost 30lbs; Gained confidence in all areas of my life!”

"Katie has changed my life....I was in a really unhappy place with myself. I didn't like the way I looked, I didn't like the way I felt, I was lethargic, run down and just plain miserable. When Katie first reached out to me and invited me to be a part of her group I was hesitant. I wanted change but I didn't believe in myself, I didn't really think I was capable of this kind of change and I was afraid of another failed attempt. In my first 5 months with Katie I lost goal was 20lbs but I thought realistically 15lbs would be awesome. It was so much more then weight loss though. This was not a quick fix or a bandaid. This was my new life... I never knew I had it in me. She was there with me every step of the way offering any manner of support I needed. I am about to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the day I changed my life...This will stick. I know this because now I know what I am capable of and how amazing it feels to be the best possible version of myself. The best mom and role model to my children, The best partner to my husband, the best version at myself at work. My success with Katie has given me confidence in all aspects of my life and I can't thank her or recommend her enough. Katie has my back and she can have your back too, all you have to do is ask." ~ Anna Hunt

“Gained confidence Again!, Plus an amazing community! ”

"Katie is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. After being an athlete all my life, I felt lost when I stopped playing sports. I struggled for a long time to find a way to stay fit that would stick. Katie helped me discover fantastic workouts and supplements, but mostly she helped me find my confidence again. She helped me find the confidence to continue pushing through, even when I had days where I wanted to give up and give in. She provides the most incredible community of women that lift each other up and hold each other accountable. I have never felt so close to a group of people I had never met! She gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities again and crush it daily! I signed up with the hopes I would find some new activity I might stick with for a few months. What I found instead was so much more. A community. For me, my biggest and most important changes were mental. Katie and her group will help you change so much more than your appearance. She will help you change your whole outlook on health, wellness, and life!" ~Ali P.



“Keeps me Motivated and on Track! ”

"Katie's groups help keep me motivated and on track. She shares great health tips and is full of encouragement to keep me motivated even on the days when I want to do nothing. She is a kind, empathetic person who truly cares about the people she works with and wants the best for them. She is a great person to have in your corner to help you reach you goals." ~Seana B.


“Found Health, Wellnes & Energy!”

"I first met Katie at yoga about 9 or 10 years ago. She has an energy and glow about her and a wonderful smile that just makes you feel so welcome. We've connected over the years through exercise, dog walks, acupuncture and her willingness to share her knowledge and insights into good health learned through her training in Chinese Medicine. Katie is open, honest, inclusive and is very interested in trying to bring health, wellness, laughter, and energy to those who seek to live a life that brings them joy.  She's beautiful inside and out." ~ Marguerite M.



“Found guidance & Support to reach my goals”

"Katie is a huge inspiration to everyone she helps. Her knowledge in every aspect of Health and Wellness is only trumped by the passion that she possesses. I have had many difficult health issues with obstacles, losses, and surgeries. All effecting my body, mind and how it reacts to weight, metabolism etc. Knowing this, Kaite has continued to help me try different methods to reach my goal. She goes above and beyond to reach her team members. With her you get a Coach, a Champion and a friend." ~ Cristina F.


Ready for Change?