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what does it involve?

Women are unique and require flexibility, variety and support when working towards health and fitness goals.

That is why I have formed the GLOW GETTERS online Bootcamp. I understand that your goals are personal and always evolving, just like your body! Offering flexibility and variety through multiple styles of training and programs, you have the best personal trainers in the world at your finger tips. Choose the trainer and program that fits you and your lifestyle! Whether you take your first step with yoga, post-pregnancy workouts, weight training, powertraining or high-intensity workouts. But above all you have a SQUAD of women right here to support you! #GlowGettersUnite

Join the Community and set off on your fitness journey!

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back
— unknown


How it works?

Not Just Workouts... The Total Package

You get the complete workouts—end to end—plus step-by-step fitness guides, workout calendars, nutrition plans, dense nutrient supplement and a support/accountability group—all online! Everything that will take you through every stage of your fitness journey!


the best workouts on the planet

This is a one—stop shop for your online workouts. Want to lose weight? Get totally ripped? Burn serious calories? With access to hundreds of world-class workouts, you’ll keep seeing results and never run out of streaming options


Dense Nutrient Supplement

Our bodies require essential nutrient to obtain optimal health, proper body weight and vibrant energy. We just aren’t getting the nutritional requirements we need, even when eating whole foods. You will get a months supply of a nutrient dense herbal supplement what will curb cravings, boost energy & help you shed weight.

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Nutritional Plans

You’ll have access to the leading nutritional advice, plans and programs designed to nourish your body, save you time and help you hit your fitness goals. No more wondering what to eat, when to eat it and how to make it.


Coach Support

Have access to a leading Holistic Health Professional to help you with any questions, motivation and concerns you have on your journey. I’m like the health bestie you’ve always wanted! Girl I’ve got your back


Daily Accountability

Wanna to stay on track? Get daily motivation when life seems hard? Get access to recipes and meal prep. Get advice on a workout you are struggling with? Connect with other like minded women at the tip of your fingers with our private app community.


workout anywhere, anytime

It’s like the Netflix of fitness. 24/7 access to the best workouts in the world, leading trainers at your finger tips. No more searching Pinterest for workouts and scrolling Google for answers. Get all the leading fitness workouts in one easy place. Can you save time saver!

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online wellness bootcamp

1 Year Subscription to OnDemand Workouts

30 day supply of Superfood Powder

Portion Fix Nutrition Guide


Shaker cup

Personal Coach

Lifetime Access to Glow Getters Accountability Group

$160 US, $186 CND, £160 UK


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are you ready to feel a whole lot better & get into the best shape of your life!

Next Wellness Bootcamp Starts: May 6th 2019


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