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From Frumpy to fit

Your 16 week Online Bootcamp Program


Have you said to yourself?

I've tried....Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Vegan, Grapefruit, Gluten free... but always end up quitting leaving you feeling exhausted and gain back more weight?

I'm hitting up classes at the gym but still struggling to lose stubborn weight and feel confident in my clothes?

I'm so darn tired of eating bland chicken and steamed broccoli all the time?

My digestion is all over the map, I feeling sluggish, bloated and down right blah? 

My sugar cravings running the show these days? Like give me the damn chocolate! 

I feel you sister!

Dieting SUCKS, it's hard on your body and hormones, plus... who wants to eat like a bird for the rest of your life? So let's leave that dieting mentality behind.  This isn't your typical rodeo crash diet...  

This is your New Body & Life!



You Are Not ALONE!

It’s time to stop the guesswork, save your sanity,

& transform your body and life!

This is for you if...

  • You've been struggling to lose the same 5-10 pounds on and off for years.
  • Tried every diet under the sun... but nothings changed.
  • Feel lost at the gym and don't know how to get the results you so badly desire.
  • You've been hitting classes at the gym but haven't seen a change in your body.
  • Feel like you've been restricting yourself from enjoying food for almost your whole life. Thinking that food is the enemy and left feeling deprived. 
  • You are READY to drop the excuses, make a real shift in your health and body!
  • Ready to curb your sugar cravings and master your metabolism. 
  • Do you, more than ANYTHING, want to lose the stubborn weight, feel STRONG, TONED and CONFIDENT in your skin.
anna transform.jpg
I lost 30lbs; Gained confidence in all areas of my life!
— Anna Hunt

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix & short term solution.
  • Not willing and open to get a little uncomfortable and do things that you haven't done before
  • You're attached to your old habits that are keeping you exactly where you are.
  • You want to just eat bland chicken breast and broccoli the rest of your life.
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Know what happens when you get your food & lifestyle in check?


You become the incredible woman that you were meant to be...

You tackle your dreams and passions head on with confidence and verve, no more putting it off or waiting until you’re “healthier”

You wear clothes that you LOVE instead of just “what fits,” because it’s time for you to feel sexy and come OUT of hiding!

You remember what having ENERGY feels like — no more midday slumps, exhaustion, or insomnia that makes you feel like crap the rest of the day!

You get active without pain or fatigue, and use your body in all the ways you’ve always dreamt of!

You drop the excess weight like a bad habit because once you build strong body & feed it what it needs, your metabolism fires and extra fat storage will fall in line and melt right off. (SAY IT AGAIN!)

The best part? Your possibilities are endless.


Ready to have your mind blown? In this 16 week transformation

you will learn...


Why your hormones are the Secret to energy, weight loss & boosting your metabolism!



The exact blueprint to lose the stubborn weight, curb your cravings and build strong lean muscle.. for life! A confused body holds onto weight & toxins, so let's change that.

Behind the scenes coaching! Get exclusive access to me, your Holistic Health Coach, a sisterhood of amazing women & private group access

Copy of _Katie's groups help keep me motivated and on track. She shares great health tips and is full of encouragement to keep me motivated even on the days when I want to do nothing. She is a kind, empathetic p.png

Here's what's included?

As a part of my 16 week Online Bootcamp you will be provided with:


You are a busy woman, so we have taken the guess work out of your fitness routine by laying out a 16 week fitness guide for you to follow. Although your journey will extend far beyond 16 weeks, I find those first initial weeks to be where we truly set the ground work for your fitness success. Each month we will advance slightly in the difficulty of your workouts to keep your body guessing and most importantly, to make sure you are continually showing progress. Workouts can be done either fully at home or at the gym – your choice sister.


There are two common misconceptions about healthy eating. 1) Healthy eating is difficult + time consuming. 2) Healthy eating is boring, and I’m going to feel totally restricted. Sorry sister, but that just isn’t the truth. I’ll be teaching you how to simply utilize proper portion control for optimal results. You won’t be cutting out entire food groups, or be left feeling like you can’t have a social life. You will however follow a simple and laid out nutrition plan to make healthy eating easier than ever before.


We all know that the key to success in our fitness journey is working out and eating well… so why is it that 70% of the population is still overweight or obese? I attribute a huge part of that to two things. 1) Support & Accountability and 2) your hormones, which is why I created a private online community where all of my clients track their workouts daily + help to keep each other accountable. We won’t let you fail!


As I teach you how to have a healthy and happy relationship with your body, you’ll learn that it’s time to break up with the scale. We will do one monthly weigh in, but will avoid obsessive daily tracking behavior. And more importantly we will be tracking your body measurements monthly which typically paint a much truer picture of progress. Although we only “measure” our bodies once a month, you will be taking progress pictures every Monday morning for accountability purposes and sending them privately my way.

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