3 Ways to Balance your Hormones Naturally


Spring is an optimal time to focus on your cycles and hormone balance, especially if you are wanting to conceive in the near future. In Chinese Medicine spring is associated with the Liver organ system. It’s a great time to cleanse & “clean out the old closet.”⠀

Imbalances associated with the Liver organ system can look like this:⠀

🌱 Muscle tension, prone to have tendon and ligament injuries⠀

🌱 Sciatica (radiating pain from lower back into buttocks and down the leg)⠀

🌱Headaches, especially migraines⠀

🌱 Irritability and outbursts of anger⠀

🌱 Menstrual irregularities, PMS, fibroids⠀

🌱 Digestive disturbances, including heartburn (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers⠀

The Liver is an important organ in hormonal balance as it is responsible for elimination of excess hormones. Making sure it’s working properly is important for healthy periods, when your trying to conceive and feeling energized in your every day life.⠀Spring is the time to start a healthier diet and flush out the toxins so that the Liver can do its job more effectively.⠀

Here are 3 ways to help cleanse your Liver:

  1. Begin by eliminating foods that stress the Liver, such as fried or very fatty foods. Sugar and white flour should be eliminated or minimized, and foods with chemical preservatives and food coloring should be avoided.⠀

  2. Donʼt overeat. Try to eat slowly, savoring the flavors. Enjoy the abundance of fresh foods that are beginning to come to market.⠀

  3. The Liver also LOVES movement! Move your body at least 15-30 minutes a day is ideal. Grab a friend, throw down a yoga mat or join our Fit for Pregnancy Lab. What ever it is, have fun and get sweaty 🏃🏼‍♀️