improving sex life

Foods to Fuel Your Libido


These aphrodisiac foods can ignite the sex hormone level, increase blood flow and stimulate your sex drive! What are you having to eat today?? Try adding some of these foods and herbs into your daily diet and spice up your libido from the inside out. 

  1. BANANAS - full of potassium and vitamin B, bananas are known to aid in the production of sex hormones

  2. GINGER - is a hot and moving herb and by stimulating the circulatory system, ginger improves blood flow for better sexual performance. Also, it has a calming effect which can help you get into the mood;)

  3. CHILI PEPPERS - The zest within the peppers increases blood flow to the organs and stimulates feel-good endorphins. So if you can handle the spicy heat, you can ignite the sexual desire from within.

  4. CACAO - Amazing news for all the chocolate lovers out there!!!! Cacao is chocolates raw bean form, which is rich in antioxidants and chock full of libido-enhancing nutrients. It contains alkaloids that increase serotonin (fell good hormone) and magnesium, which can improve heart health and female libido!! <3

  5. HONEY - Aren't bee's AMAZING?? Delivering a quick shot of natural sugar, honey boosts energy levels, and the sweet taste can awaken the vital senses. Honey itself, can you believe it, is the product of a form of the flower bee procreation!! If you ever want to dive more into the bee world, I suggest trying some bee pollen! amaziness!

  6. MACA - Called "Peru's Natural Viagra" this superfood has been stimulating sexual desire and heightening pleasure since the days of the Incas!! In contains macamide and macaenes, which give maca it's fertility-boosting qualities.

  7. ALMONDS - A great source of libido-boosting vitamin E and even more powerful when eaten raw. It is considered a symbol of fertility and how much more delicious could they be alone or even covered in chocolate! 2 in 1!

  8. PINEAPPLE - Commonly used as a natural remedy for impotence, this tasty fruit is chock a block full with antioxidants like manganese, which helps produce sex hormones, increase sperm count and support reproductive health! It also aids in digestion called bromine as an added bonus

  9. RAW OYSTERS - You either love them or hate them... but this delicacy aphrodisiac food contains high levels of zinc that boosts libido, and amino acids that trigger the production of testosterone and estrogen. With a squeeze of lemon and a little hot sauce, oh they are delightful!